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Objective:   Seek the Position of Refuse Collector

SUMMARY:   Profoundly dedicated, energetic and resourceful Refuse Collector with more than six years experience in directing and participating in the collection of residential refuse on an assigned route.

Summary of Qualifications

  • Thorough knowledge of municipal refuse and garbage    collection policies and procedures.
  • Exceptional ability to understand and carry out oral and    written instructions and to prepare simple reports.
  • In-depth ability to perform strenuous physical work for    extended periods of time and to periodically pass a medical    examination for heavy manual work.
  • Exceptional ability to establish and maintain effective working    relationships with other employees and customers.
  • Proven ability to make minor mechanical repairs and    adjustments.

    Professional Experience

    Rainbow County, Department of Environment Services, Minneapolis, MN
    2004 - Present

    Senior Refuse Collector
    • Check assigned refuse truck; report mechanical or other problems to a superior; operate truck in refuse collection activities.
    • Direct and instruct assigned Refuse Collector(s)in safe and proper refuse collection procedures and assignments including equipment operation.
    • Pick up and empty garbage and refuse into proper collection containers; empty container into refuse truck; pick up other debris and place in truck.
    • Tag refuse not acceptable for collection to inform customers of proper collection procedures.
    • Operate mechanisms for loading, compressing, and dumping garbage and refuse.
    • Make minor repairs to truck and other equipment.
    • Periodically wash and clean refuse truck.
    • Perform related work as required.

    Rainbow County, Department of Environment Services, Minneapolis, MN
    2002 - 2004

    Refuse and Recyclable Material Collector
    • Sorted items set out for recycling and threw materials into designated truck compartments.
    • Organized schedules for refuse collection.
    • Inspected trucks prior to beginning routes to ensure safe operating condition.
    • Refueled trucks and add other necessary fluids, such as oil.
    • Filled out any needed reports for defective equipment.
    • Drove to disposal sites to empty trucks that have been filled.
    • Drove trucks along established routes through residential streets and alleys, and through business and industrial areas.
    • Operated equipment that compressed the collected refuse.
    • Operated automated and semi-automated hoisting devices that raise refuse bins and dump contents into openings in truck bodies.
    • Dismounted garbage trucks to collect garbage and remounted trucks to ride to the next collection point.
    • Communicated with dispatchers concerning delays, unsafe sites, accidents, equipment breakdowns, and other maintenance problems.
    • Kept informed of road and weather conditions to determine how routes will be affected.
    • Tagged garbage and recycling containers to inform customers of problems such as excess garbage or inclusion of items that are not permitted.
    • Cleaned trucks and compactor bodies after routes have been completed.

    Rainbow County, Department of Environment Services, Minneapolis, MN
    2000 - 2002

    Refuse Collector Assistant
    • Emptied wheeled refuse bins, collected loose/bagged refuse and bulky refuse.
    • Daily collected refuse from residences and commercial premises and cleaned up spillages.
    • Operated mechanical vehicle bin lifting equipment.
    • Assisted with the solving of practical or confrontational problems with customers whenever possible at residences or commercial premises together with partners.
    • Assisted the driver in the safe maneuvering of the vehicle at all times.

    Education and Professional Training

    State of Minnesota Licensed Commercial Driver

    High School Diploma (2000)

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