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123 Main Street Atlanta, Georgia 30339
Home: (555) 555-1234, Cell: (555) 555-1235

Objective:   Seek the Position of Pet Groomer

SUMMARY:   Highly knowledgeable, creative and detailed oriented Pet Groomer with more than six years experience in providing professional grooming services for companion animals at their home or at a companion animal facility; shampooing, clipping and grooming dogs, cats and other pets to improve and maintain their hygiene, comfort and appearance; assessing the health and condition of animals' coat and determining the animals' grooming needs with clients (owners).

Summary of Qualifications
  • Great ability to communicate effectively with clients.
  • In-depth ability to assess the condition and grooming requirements of different species or breeds of companion animals.
  • Exceptional knowledge and ability to apply a range of grooming techniques, methods and procedures.
  • Profound ability to handle correctly and groom different species or breeds of companion animals
  • Exceptional ability to identify risks related to OHS.
  • Strong empathy to animals' welfare needs, and the ability to use and maintain grooming equipment correctly.
  • Thorough knowledge of organizational policies and procedures, including OHS and hygiene standards.
  • Deep knowledge of relevant legislation and industry codes of practice.
  • Strong working knowledge of companion animal biology.
  • Remarkable knowledge of normal and abnormal animal behavior.
  • Immense knowledge of signs and symptoms of disease and parasitic infections; processes of disease development, and transmission of diseases between animals.
  • Profound ability to dispose of waste in accordance with health, safety and legislative requirements.
  • Uncommon ability to read, select and follow organizational policies and procedures, including OHS and infection control procedures; and record details and information accurately and legibly.
  • Great numeracy skills to complete basic arithmetic calculations and measure volumes.
  • Uncommon problem-solving skills to use available resources and prioritise daily tasks.

Professional Experience

Animal CareWorkshop, Minneapolis, MN
2002 - Present

Pet Groomer
  • Answer inquiries from the public.
  • Schedule appointments and record owner information.
  • Record each pet's name, sex, age, breed and disposition, and any information about health problems.
  • Discuss grooming requirements and desired styles with pet owners.
  • Select appropriate shampoos and conditioners for different skin and coat types.
  • Bath, cut, comb, style and blow-dry pets' coats.
  • Trim nails.
  • Clean pets' ears.
  • Suppress anal glands if required.
  • Maintain grooming equipment.
  • Use special shampoos to destroy insect pests.
  • Advise customers regarding pet grooming and order grooming supplies.

Sanel Animal Home, Minneapolis, MN
2000 - 2002

Animal Attendant
  • Prepared food (including special diets), transported it to feeding areas, and delivered food and water to animals.
  • Cleaned and prepared comfortable sleeping quarters for animals.
  • Cleared away animal waste, cleaned, disinfected and looked after animal enclosures and cages, and checked locks.
  • Bathed and groomed animals, and treated them with insecticide to control insect pests.
  • Treated minor injuries and reported serious health problems to veterinarians.
  • Transferred animals between enclosures.
  • Rescued injured and neglected animals.
  • Assisted with humane killing of animals and handling of animals that had died.
  • Maintained animal records.
  • Talked with the public and other staff.


High School Diploma (2000)

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