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Seek the Challenging Position of Paramedic

A highly talented Paramedic with huge experience working in the ambulance services, taking the lead in dealing with accidents and emergencies; assessing patients and initiating any specialist pre-hospital medical treatment and care.

Summary of Qualifications
  • More than eight years experience as Paramedic.
  • Excellent judgment and ability to prioritize decisions and act quickly in the best interest of the patient.
  • Highly self disciplined; excellent ability to develop patient rapport, interview hostile patients, maintain safe distance, and recognize and utilize communication unique to diverse multicultural groups and ages within those groups.
  • Excellent ability to read road maps; drive vehicle, accurately discern street signs and address numbers, read medication/prescription labels and direction for usage in quick, accurate, and expedient manner.
  • Remarkable ability to function independently at optimum level in a non-structured environment that is constantly changing.
  • Strong knowledge about medications and the ability to apply this knowledge in a practical sense.
  • Strong ability to document, in writing, all relevant information in prescribed format in light of legal ramifications of such.
  • Uncommon knowledge and understanding of the general properties of all types of drugs including analgesics, anesthetics, anti-anxiety drugs, sedatives and hypnotics, anti-convulsants, central nervous stimulants, psychotherapeutics which include antidepressants, and other anti-psychotics, anticholerginics, cholergenics, muscle relaxants, anti-dysrythmics, anti-hypertensives, anticoagulants, diuretics, bronchodilators, opthalmics, pituitary drugs, gastro-intestinal drugs, hormones, antibiotics, antifungals, antiinflammatories, serums, vaccines, anti-parasitics, and others.
  • Strong ability to keep abreast of all contraindications to administration of specific drugs to patients based on their constitutional make-up, and using drug reference literature.
  • In-depth ability to measure and re-measure drip rates for controlled substances/medications.
  • Remarkable ability to apply basic principles of mathematics to the calculation of problems associated with medication dosages, perform conversion problems, differentiate temperature reading between centigrade and Fahrenheit scales.
  • Excellent ability to use proper advanced life support equipment and supplies ( i.e. proper size of intravenous needles ) based on patient' s age and condition of veins.
  • Ability to apply knowledge and skills to assist overdosed patients to overcome trauma through antidotes.
  • Strong knowledge of poisons and the ability to administer treatment.
  • Uncommon knowledgeable as to the stages drugs/medications go through once they have entered the patient's system and also, deep cognizance of the route of administration that is critical in relation to patient's needs and the effect that occurs.
  • Great ability to deal with adverse and often dangerous situations which include responding to calls in districts known to have high crime and mortality rates.
Professional Experience

New York Ambulance Service, Tarrytown, N
2003 - Present

  • Respond to 999 calls for medical assistance at accidents, emergencies and other related incidents.
  • Make diagnoses and give emergency treatment to patients who are seriously ill or have life-threatening conditions.
  • Apply splints to limbs, dress wounds, administer pain relief and read monitoring equipment.
  • Insert drips and fluids and use different equipment, including ventilators, to assist breathing.
  • Transport patients needing skilled treatment while traveling by ambulance.
  • Check the efficiency of vehicles and equipment to maintain a state of operational readiness.
  • Drive and crew the ambulance and other rapid response vehicle.
  • Assess appropriate methods of conveying patients.
  • Assist with patient care in hospitals or health care centers.
  • Write up all case notes and report the patient's history, condition and treatment to relevant hospital staff and coroners' offices.
Mount Carmel County, Tarrytown, NY
1997 - 2003

Emergency Medical Technician
  • Received call from dispatcher, responded verbally to emergency calls, read maps, drove ambulance to emergency site, used most expeditious route, and observed traffic ordinances and regulations.
  • Determined nature and extent of illness or injury, took pulse, blood pressure, visually observed changes in skin color, made determination regarding patient status, established priority for emergency care, and rendered appropriate emergency care.
  • Administered intravenous drugs and fluid replacement as directed by physician.
  • Performed endotracheal intubation to open airways and ventilate patient, inflated pneumatic anti-shock garment to improve patient's blood circulation.
  • Assisted in lifting, carrying, and transporting patient to ambulance and on to a medical facility.
  • Reassured patients and bystanders, avoided mishandling patient and undue haste, searched for medical identification emblem to aid in care.
  • Extricated patients from entrapment, assessed extent of injury, used prescribed techniques and appliances, radios dispatcher for additional assistance or services, provided light rescue service if required, provided additional emergency care following established protocols.
  • Complied with regulations in handling deceased, notified authorities, arranged for protection of property and evidence at scene.
  • Determined appropriate facility to which patient will be transported, reportd nature and extent of injuries or illness to that facility, asked for direction from hospital physician or emergency department.
  • Observed patient en route and administered care as directed by physician or emergency department or according to published protocol.
  • Identified diagnostic signs that required communication with facility.
  • Assisted in removing patient from ambulance and into emergency facility.
  • Replaced supplies, sent used supplies for sterilization, checked all equipment for future readiness, maintained ambulance in operable condition, ensured ambulances cleanliness and orderliness of equipment and supplies, decontaminated vehicle interior, determined vehicle readiness by checking oil, gas, water in battery and radiator, and tire pressure, maintained familiarity with all specialized equipment.

Education and Professional Training

State of New York Registered Paramedic

New York University, NY
Bachelor's Degree in paramedical science (2000)

New York University, NY
Associate Degree in Nursing (1996)

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