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123 Main Street Atlanta, Georgia 30339
Home: (555) 555-1234, Cell: (555) 555-1235

Objective:   Seek the Position of Marriage and Family Therapist

SUMMARY:   Highly knowledgeable and passionate Marriage and Family Therapist with huge background in diagnosing and treating mental and emotional disorders, whether cognitive, affective, or behavioral, within the context of marriage and family systems; applying psychotherapeutic and family systems theories and techniques in the delivery of professional services to individuals, couples, and families for the purpose of treating such diagnosed nervous and mental disorders.

Summary of Qualifications
  • Over six years experience.
  • Exceptional knowledge of human behavior and performance, mental processes, psychological research, and assessment methods, and the assessment and treatment of behavioral and affective disorders.
  • Profound knowledge of research methods, techniques, and sources of information.
  • Sound knowledge of information and techniques needed to rehabilitate physical and mental ailments and to provide career guidance including alternative treatments, rehabilitation equipment and its proper use, and methods to evaluate treatment effectiveness.
  • Great knowledge of court/hearing, rules, records, procedures and protocol.
  • Strong knowledge of agency and organizational programs.
  • In-depth knowledge of interviewing techniques.
  • Uncommon ability to develop individualized treatment plans.
  • Immense ability to use non-violent crisis intervention techniques.
  • Exceptional ability to assess physical, mental, social and economic needs and to use case management software systems.
  • Solid ability to compose and produce reports, documents and related material
  • Strong ability perform group and client therapeutic assessments.
  • Remarkable ability to provide psychological assessment and counseling.
  • Excellent ability to apply social work and mental health assessment and counseling techniques.
  • Uncommon ability to provide consultation and expert advice and testimony.
  • Uncommon ability to speak clearly, concisely and effectively; listen to, and understand, information and ideas as presented verbally.
  • Uncommon ability to communicate information and ideas clearly, and concisely, in writing; read and understand information presented in writing.

Professional Experience

Department of Family Health, Minneapolis, MN
2002 - Present

Marriage and Family Therapist
  • Ask questions that will help clients identify their feelings and behaviors.
  • Collect information about clients, using techniques such as testing, interviewing, discussion, and observation.
  • Confer with clients in order to develop plans for post-treatment activities.
  • Confer with other counselors in order to analyze individual cases and to coordinate counseling services.
  • Contact doctors, schools, social workers, juvenile counselors, law enforcement personnel and others to gather information in order to make recommendations to courts for the resolution of child custody or visitation disputes.
  • Counsel clients on concerns such as unsatisfactory relationships, divorce and separation, child rearing, home management, and financial difficulties.
  • Determine whether clients should be counseled or referred to other specialists in such fields as medicine, psychiatry and legal aid.
  • Develop and implement individualized treatment plans addressing family relationship problems.
  • Encourage individuals and family members to develop and use skills and strategies for confronting their problems in a constructive manner.
  • Follow up on results of counseling programs and clients' adjustments in order to determine effectiveness of programs.
  • Maintain case files that include activities, progress notes, evaluations, and recommendations.
  • Provide family counseling and treatment services to inmates participating in substance abuse programs.
  • Provide instructions to clients on how to obtain help with legal, financial, and other personal issues.
  • Provide public education and consultation to other professionals or groups regarding counseling services, issues and methods.
  • Supervise other counselors, social service staff and assistants.
  • Write evaluations of parents and children for use by courts deciding divorce and custody cases, testifying in court if necessary.

Department of Family Health, Minneapolis, MN
2000 - 2002

Marriage and Family Therapist Intern (under supervision)
  • Developed and implemented treatment plans to help clients mobilize inner capacities and resources to improve social functioning.
  • Conducted individual, family, and group therapy sessions in accordance with the established treatment plan and provided crisis intervention when necessary.
  • Prepared psychological and mental health assessments by obtaining background information such as physical, psychological and mental health, and social factors which contribute to the client's situation and by studying case histories of clients/residents.
  • Provided consultation, made recommendations, gave appropriate advice, and facilitated decisions.
  • Facilitated the use of research data to improve existing programs and utilization of resources.
  • Provided case management to include evaluating the needs of clients, developing and implementing treatment plans, and monitoring progress.


Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy
University of New York (2000)

Bachelor's Degree in Sociology
University of New York (1998)

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