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Objective:   Seek the Position of Food Service Supervisor

SUMMARY:   Exceptionally talented and resourceful Food Service Supervisor with over six years experience in planning, organizing and overseeing the preparation, cooking and serving of food to residents and employees; managing school lunch and breakfast programs ensuring guidelines are met and records maintained and reported; supervising assigned food service workers, which include employees, volunteers, patients, etc.

Summary of Qualifications

  • Strong knowledge of quantity food preparation, services,    procedures, and practices.
  • Uncommon knowledge of the nutritional value, adaptabilities,    and uses of various foods.
  • Huge knowledge of mathematical calculations used in    determining the number of servings in a given amount of food,    modifying recipes, and determining food costs and projections.
  • In-depth knowledge of numbers and types of workers needed    to staff a large food service operation.
  • Thorough knowledge of equipment and supplies used in    quantity food preparation and service and its care and    operation.
  • Profound knowledge of quantity food purchasing, receiving,    and storage.
  • Great knowledge of quality assurance relating to a food    service operation.
  • Remarkable knowledge of current MIOSHA codes and    environmental safety procedures.
  • Strong knowledge of current State food codes and their    applications pertaining to sanitation, cleanliness, and infection    control.
  • Exceptional knowledge of employee policies and procedures    and supervisory techniques.
  • Uncommon knowledge of equal employment opportunity    policies and procedures.
  • Exceptional ability to prepare work reports and    correspondence.
  • Great ability to maintain inventories and requisition supplies    and equipment.
  • Uncommon ability to instruct, evaluate, and supervise    employees.
  • In-depth ability to plan work schedules and maintain work    standards.
  • Profound ability to operate equipment and tools used in the    food service industry.
  • Remarkable ability to communicate and work well with others.
  • Strong ability to maintain favorable public relations.

    Professional Experience

    Department of Civil Services, Minneapolis, MN
    2002 - Present

    Food Service Supervisor
    • Supervise subordinate personnel including: hiring, determining workload and delegating assignments, training, monitoring and evaluating performance, and initiating corrective and disciplinary actions.
    • Supervise volunteers, interns, students, seasonal staff and clients/inmates/patients, etc. Includes: hiring, termination, training, scheduling, delegating, monitoring and reviewing work.
    • Plan menus, determine amounts to be prepared and how leftovers should be utilized.
    • Ensure that there is an adequate supply of materials available.
    • Order, receive, inspect, and store equipment, merchandise, commodities, materials, and supplies.
    • Inspect and maintain food quality, handling, and safety standards.
    • Ensure compliance with applicable federal and state laws, regulations, and agency rules, standards and guidelines, etc.
    • Provide assistance and on-the-job training.
    • Manage three agency wide program(s).
    • Determine program goals and objectives and chair committees established to support the program.
    • Develop and modify rules, policies, and standards, etc.
    • Write or draft correspondence, reports, documents and other written materials.
    • Cook, bake, and serve regular and special meals to clients and staff.
    • Clean, sterilize and disinfect areas and equipment.
    • Performed other tasks as assigned.

    Department of Civil Services, Minneapolis, MN
    2000 - 2002

    Food Service Worker
    • Ensured that food is maintained at appropriate temperatures.
    • Covered and stored leftover food, recorded serving temperatures and leftover quantities.
    • Prepared salads and garnished and assisted in basic food preparation and ordering.
    • Destroyed and disposed of outdated, sensitive documents, blank warrants, expired food stamps, etc., in a manner appropriate for the sensitivity.
    • Cooked, baked, and served regular and special meals to clients and staff.
    • Coordinated an inventory management system to effectively control and distribute supplies and equipment.
    • Cleaned, sterilized and disinfected areas and equipment.
    • Assisted customers in finding products, making selections and purchasing items.
    • Performed other tasks as assigned.


    Associate Degree in Catering and Hotel Management
    University of New York (2000)

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