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Seek the Challenging Position of Food Preparation Worker

A highly talented Food Preparation Worker with huge experience in performing routine, repetitive tasks such as readying ingredients for complex dishes, slicing and dicing vegetables, and composing salads and cold items, under the direction of chefs and cooks.

Summary of Qualifications

  • More than eight years experience.
  • Sound ability to understand basic sanitation requirements    related to personal hygiene, food handling and equipment safety and sanitation.
  • Exceptional ability to absorb new information and build new    skills in food handling, cash handling, sanitation and    safety.
  • Great skills in organizing work and materials for maximum    productivity.
  • Uncommon skills in interacting and communicating positively    with other staff and customers.
  • Excellent ability to listen to directions and follow basic    instructions.
  • In-depth ability to read instructions, schedules and    evaluations.
  • Immense ability to add, subtract, multiply and divide.
  • Strong ability to lift and carry 25 to 50 pounds.
  • Exceptional ability to follow University and Housing and Dining    Services policies, including cash handling.
  • Remarkable ability to make fast, simple, repeated movements    of the fingers, hands, and wrists.
  • Great ability to quickly move the hand, together with the arm,    or the two hands to grasp, manipulate, and assemble objects.

    Professional Experience

    Collins Hotels Inc., Tarrytown, NY               2003 - Present
    Food Preparation Worker
    • Wash, peel and cut various foods to prepare for cooking or serving.
    • Weigh or measure ingredients.
    • Butcher and clean fowl, fish, poultry, and shellfish to prepare for cooking or serving.
    • Distribute menus to hospital patients, collect diet sheets, and deliver food trays and snacks to nursing units or directly to patients.
    • Inform supervisors when supplies are getting low or equipment is not working properly.
    • Keep records of the quantities of food used.
    • Load dishes, glasses, and tableware into dishwashing machines.
    • Make special dressings and sauces as condiments for sandwiches.
    • Mix ingredients for green salads, molded fruit salads, vegetable salads, and pasta salads.
    • Place food trays over food warmers for immediate service, or store them in refrigerated storage cabinets.
    • Receive and store food supplies, equipment, and utensils in refrigerators, cupboards, and other storage areas.
    • Remove trash and clean kitchen garbage containers.
    • Scrape leftovers from dishes into garbage containers.
    • Stir and strain soups and sauces.
    • Work on assembly lines adding cutlery, napkins, food, and other items to trays in hospitals, cafeterias, airline kitchens, and similar establishments.
    • Assist cooks and kitchen staff with various tasks as needed, and provide cooks with needed items. Carry food supplies, equipment, and utensils to and from storage and work areas.
    • Clean work areas, equipment, utensils, dishes, and silverware. Cut, slice and grind meat, poultry, and seafood to prepare for cooking.
    • Distribute food to waiters and waitresses to serve to customers.
    • Package take-out foods and serve food to customers.
    • Portion and wrap the food, or place it directly on plates for service to patrons.
    • Prepare a variety of foods according to customers' orders or supervisors' instructions, following approved procedures.
    • Prepare and serve a variety of beverages such as coffee, tea, and soft drinks.
    • Stock cupboards and refrigerators, and tend salad bars and buffet meals.
    • Store food in designated containers and storage areas to prevent spoilage.
    • Use manual and electric appliances to clean, peel, slice, and trim foods.

    New York University, NY                            1997 - 2003
    Grill Room Assistant
    • Prepared and cooked food according to daily meal plan in short order and a la carte fashion.
    • Prepared and cooked all food for special banquets and dinners including entrees, vegetables, soups, sauces, hors d'oeuvers, and desserts.
    • Created weekly schedule for kitchen staff (cooks and dishwashers) in the Grille Room and the 9th Tee Halfway House based upon calendar of events (banquets, golf outings, meetings etc.) for manager's review and approval.
    • Developed daily food preparation and production list of tasks to be performed by kitchen staff.
    • Provided liaison with tournament director and makes adjustments in quantity and timing of meals based upon changes in group size and golf schedules.
    • Coordinated, trained and oversaw kitchen staff in meal preparation and presentation from kitchen to floor (including layout of buffets and cooking stations); with responsibility for maintaining quality and quantity control.
    • Operated and oversaw the use of appliances including, but not limited to slicers, ovens, broilers, fryalator, dishwashing machinery, and other small kitchen appliances.
    • Contacted appliance repair service and physical plant and provided suggestions for equipment upgrades as necessary.
    • Determined food needs and quantities based upon daily usage and menus planned for events.
    • Tracked inventory levels.
    • Placed orders for food from a variety of suppliers.
    • Sourced new vendors and negotiated prices as necessary.
    • Attended restaurant/food trade shows.

    Education and Professional Training

    Certified Food Handler by the State of New York

    High School Diploma (1997)

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