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Seek the Challenging Position of Dispatcher

A highly talented Public Safety Dispatcher with huge experience in providing emergency assistance to the public and to officers on duty; communicating with Public Safety personnel including law enforcement officers, EMS personnel, fire personnel, and public works personnel for multiple agencies.

Summary of Qualifications

  • More than eight years experience.
  • Profound knowledge of the names and general location of    principal streets and buildings.
  • Remarkable knowledge of the types, staffing requirements,    and general uses of firefighting apparatus and rescue    equipment.
  • Deep knowledge of the operation of telephone, radio,    computer assisted dispatch and other communications     equipment.
  • Strong ability to use computer aided dispatch system, such as    VESTA digital telephone system, Motorola 800 MHz Trunking    Radio System, Smartnet Information Sharp Console with    intercom system, CASI-RUSEO security system, VHF radio    system, TDD software interface with CAD, automated number    and location identifier and headsets.
  • Exceptional ability to speak clearly and concisely in a well-   modulated voice and to use good diction.
  • Uncommon ability to speak and comprehend the police    phonetic alphabet and ten codes.
  • In-depth ability to think and act quickly, calmly, and    accurately in an emergency and under stress.
  • Remarkable ability to learn applicable FCC rules and    regulations.
  • Deep ability to type 35 wpm.
  • Great skill in the operation of a video display computer    terminal.

    Professional Experience

    New York Department of Civil Service, NY
    2000 - Present

    Public Safety Dispatcher
    • Receive and prioritize calls and complaints from the public concerning crimes, fires and emergencies; question the caller to determine the nature of the problem.
    • Enter information into CAD System verifying the location and determining the appropriate responder.
    • Dispatch personnel and equipment to scene of emergency while maintaining radio contact, scan status charts and computer screen to determine units available.
    • Broadcast orders to police and other emergency units in vicinity to investigate complaints and relay instructions or questions from other units.
    • Determine type and nature of personnel and equipment needed.
    • Maintain verbal contact with caller for the purpose of updating in-progress calls and continually update responding units.
    • Maintain log of all radio transmissions as to time, duration, and message.
    • Relay general information to the public and refer callers to proper offices.
    • Perform follow-up on dispatches.
    • Perform historical data and background searches in order to safeguard the responding emergency personnel and citizens.
    • Perform call taker duties consisting of receiving detailed information from citizens requesting police or other emergency service, entering this information into the CAD system, processing this information, and giving any applicable instructions to the citizen.
    • Perform demonstrations and provide explanations for visiting dignitaries, citizen groups, and potential customers of the CAD System.
    • Use a wide variety of resource materials to aid police officers and firefighters in the field such as city and telephone directories, law enforcement directory, street location guide and hazardous materials chemical book.

    New York Department of Civil Service, NY
    1997 - 2000

    Dispatcher Trainee
    • Answered all non-emergency and emergency calls for assistance.
    • Interviewed citizens to determine appropriate public safety response and priority.
    • Monitored the call to maintain scene control prior to arrival of responding units, and provided pre-arrival instructions when necessary.
    • Organized, processed and disseminate information via two way radio.
    • Coordinated public safety responses to multiple incidents.
    • Achieved and maintained certification pursuant to FBI/NCIC and EMD regulations.
    • Received 911 telephone calls; asked questions to solicit information regarding the nature and location of the emergency; provided emergency instructions to callers regarding first aid and other actions to take until emergency response personnel can arrive; determined the priority of response to the call; which emergency response agency, and which unit(s) in the agency to dispatch.
    • Dispatched emergency units; relayed information to and from emergency response units.
    • Responded to radio calls from law enforcement and emergency personnel in the field.
    • Performed computer record searches; checked warrant status on field detainees and in custody suspects; confirmed and abstracted warrant information and provided information to other agencies and field officers.
    • Maintained logs of all calls received and made; operated tape recording equipment.
    • Responded to information request; received verbal and written requests for information; determined location of information and whether information may be provided to requester.
    • Provided information to requester in written or verbal form as authorized by policy or supervisor.
    • Processed reports and warrants; reviewed law enforcement reports to abstract information for statistical reports; entered data into law enforcement information systems relating to wanted persons, stolen property, vehicle registration, stolen vehicles, etc.
    • Sorted, indexed, and filed log records, correspondence, reports and other materials.
    • Used radio to communicate information regarding inmates and staff activities; notified other agencies when they have warrants on individuals being detained.


    High School Diploma (1997)

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