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Seek the Challenging Position of Correctional Officer

A highly talented Correctional Officer with huge experience in supervising, keeping in custody, treating, and training of inmates confined in a correctional facility.

Summary of Qualifications

  • More than eight years experience.
  • Exceptional knowledge of practices and procedures involved in    corrections facility management.
  • Thorough knowledge of local laws, ordinances and the New    York General Statues pertaining to thecommitment,    confinement and release of prisoners.
  • Profound skills in the use of firearms and other law    enforcement equipment.
  • Remarkable ability to maintain discipline and order in the    facility.
  • Uncommon ability to make decisions and take prompt and    effective action in emergency situations.
  • Immense ability to prepare and maintain routine records and    logs.
  • Great ability to exercise tact, courtesy, firmness and fairness    with inmates, families of inmates,attorneys, ministers and    other persons concerning the welfare of individual prisoners.
  • Excellent ability to establish and maintain effective working    relationships as necessitated by work assignments.

    Professional Experience

    New York Department of Corrections, NY        2003 - Present

    Correctional Officer
    • Build and maintain appropriate rapport with inmates.
    • Defuse disruptive behavior by verbal interventions.
    • Control disruptive behavior by appropriate verbal orders and appropriate use of physical force.
    • Use verbal and listening skills to determine potential inmate problems, such as suicide risk, intoxication, drug usage, assaultive behavior, etc.
    • Inform and explain institutional rules to inmates.
    • Communicate information regarding security, safety and operations through the chain of command.
    • Monitor inmates, watching closely for unusual behavior, improper conduct or signs of conflict.
    • Monitor visits between inmates and personal visitors.
    • Supervise periods of recreational activity.
    • Search inmates, by pat or strip method, to detect and confiscate contraband or unapproved items.
    • Search cells or living quarters, recreational areas, visiting areas and other areas in buildings or on the grounds for contraband or unapproved items.
    • Search the perimeter of an area by making checks on foot, by car, or from a watchtower to ensure there are no security breaches or contraband.
    • Conduct security checks of locks, doors, bars & windows, etc.
    • Prepare inmates for transport through search and application of appropriate restraining devices, depending on security level, and ensures all related materials to be transported with inmate are ready and in order.
    • Transport inmates outside the facility to and from court, lawyer's office, medical appointments, work sites, other facilities, etc.
    • Communicate with other staff and main control to inform about inmate behaviors, incidents and to request assistance.
    • Perform head counts to visually ensure the presence of all inmates.
    • Coordinate unit head counts to confirm total population.
    • Check IDs to ensure only authorized persons enter or leave facility.
    • Process new admissions and transfers.
    • Respond to emergency situations according to facility procedures, such as medical, fire, security, etc.
    • Write narrative reports describing events that have happened, such as confidential reports, incident reports, disciplinary reports, special observations reports, etc.
    • Read and write short notes in a log book as a means of passing information about daily events from one shift to another, such as inventory logs, post logs, narrative logs, etc.
    • Use portable two-way radio.
    • Open and close gates or doors to restricted areas to allow vehicles/people to enter and exit.
    • Issue logs and inventories facility keys.
    • Attend and participate in required training.
    • Read policy & procedure manuals, directives and memos.
    New York Department of Corrections, NY            1997 - 2003 Correctional Officer Trainee (under the supervision of Licensed Correctional Officer)
    • Admitted prisoners to the Department's Correctional Facility; ensured that inmates were properly booked and searched and were allowed calls to attorneys and relatives; called bondsman if necessary; advised prisoners of all rules and regulations.
    • Secured inmates' property, properly storing and returning appropriate items upon release.
    • Reviewed logs and reported from previous shift; maintained knowledge of inmate population and cell assignments; completed activity logs and reported.
    • Observed inmates' demeanor to determine mental state and possible need for treatment and closer observation; counseled inmates.
    • Issued linen, clothing, toilet supplies; supervised shower and inventory of supplies.
    • Distributed mail to prisoners; provided inmates with paper, pencils and envelopes; collected outgoing mail from inmates.
    • Inspected the cleaning of correctional facility to meet requirements of state and local officials.
    • Patrolled entire correctional facility area periodically to prevent escapes and maintained order.
    • Supervised service of meals to inmates; supervised in cleaning of cells; distributed cleaning supplies as needed.
    • Supervised trustees in laundry room and kitchen.
    • Conducted periodic fire drills and emergency evacuation drills.
    • Prepared and transported inmates to and from court, visitations or medical appointments, exercise area, etc.; escorted work release inmates to and from cell blocks; searched inmates upon return to Correctional Facility.
    • Assisted visitors; inspected items brought to correctional facility for inmates.

    Education and Professional Training

    State of New York Certified Correctional Officer

    New York University, NY
    Associate Degree in counseling (1997)

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