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123 Main Street Atlanta, Georgia 30339
Home: (555) 555-1234, Cell: (555) 555-1235

Objective:   Seek the Position of Construction Supervisor

SUMMARY:   Exceptionally talented Construction professional with over seven years experience in performing work of considerable difficulty supervising construction inspection and field surveying activities.

Summary of Qualifications
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the principles, practices, techniques and instruments used in surveying and civil engineering drafting.
  • Considerable knowledge of algebra, trigonometry, and geometry as related to civil engineering projects.
  • Remarkable knowledge of the regulations relating to public works construction by contract.
  • Thorough knowledge of construction materials testing in the field and Laboratory.
  • Strong knowledge of the preparation of plans and specifications for public works construction.
  • Great knowledge of computer aided drafting concepts and techniques.
  • Considerable knowledge of construction materials and of approved standards of safety as related to structural designs and specifications.
  • Sound ability to prepare and interpret drawings, graphs, charts, and maps.
  • Profound ability to prepare technical reports in connection with public works projects.
  • Exceptional ability to perform difficult technical computations, to make estimates and tests, and to compile engineering data and statistics.
  • Solid ability to establish and maintain effective relationships with other engineering and surveying personnel, other company employees, contractors and the public.

Professional Experience

Zanc Engineering Inc., Minneapolis, MN
2002 - Present

Construction Supervisor
  • Coordinate the inspection of construction projects including water mains, sanitary and storm sewers, street paving and resurfacing programs, subdivision development, and related public works improvements.
  • Coordinate preliminary and construction staking surveys of anticipated company projects and construction activities.
  • Inspect, supervise, and train subordinate engineering personnel.
  • Provide direct liaison between property owners, contractors and the company.
  • Prepare progress reports of construction performed by various contractors and upon completion of a given project, record final amounts of materials used in construction.
  • Calculate payments of quantities for payment purposes of public works construction projects.
  • Record and maintain records and plans of completed projects.
  • Work with outside agencies on cooperative projects.
  • Inform affected agencies of road closures.
  • Serve as Radiation Protection Officer.

Zanc Engineering Inc., Minneapolis, MN
1998 - 2002

Construction Technician
  • Inspected complete phases of construction, such as substructure concrete placement, substructure forming, and steel placement, retaining walls, and concrete and bituminous roadways.
  • Performed instrument work, such as computing and staking substructure lines and grades, foundation piles, structure excavation limits, curbs and gutters, sewers and under drains, culverts, box culverts and major drainage structures, excavation and embankment grades, cross sections and slopes, rights-of-way for road and bridge layouts, vertical and horizontal alignments for roadways, and vertical controls for drainage.
  • Performed gradation testing, materials weighing, and inspection on such construction items as: tree and stump removal, culverts, sewers and drainage structures, shaping and depth of aggregate base and surface course, placement of guardrail, sodding and seeding, erosion control, and pavement patching.
  • Inspected placements of traffic signs, barricades, and flag persons for safe flow of traffic through construction areas.
  • Inspected grade preparation for bituminous and concrete paving.
  • Checked tested materials and paid quantities in preparation for posting for payments.
  • Performed instrument work such as: beginning and advanced rodman, final measurement of construction items, setting grades, staking fences, and guardrails and clearing limits.
  • Performed various tests on concrete and bituminous paving materials to ensure quality control specifications are met.


Associate Degree in Civil Engineering (1998)

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