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Seek the Challenging Position of Construction Laborer

A highly talented Construction Laborer with huge experience in performing physical tasks involved with building, heavy construction projects, and demolition sites; operating various power tools; cleaning and preparing sites and excavations, digging trenches, erecting scaffolding, removing rubble and debris, and other duties as assigned.

Summary of Qualifications

  • More than five years experience.
  • Thorough knowledge of materials, methods, and the tools    involved in the construction or repair of buildings and other    structures.
  • Excellent knowledge of machines and tools, including their    designs, uses, repair and maintenance.
  • Remarkable knowledge of specialized trucks and heavy    equipment.
  • Great knowledge of procedures, methods and materials used in    the assigned department.
  • Deep knowledge of Arithmetic sufficient to calculate volumes,    areas, lengths, percentages and conversions.
  • Profound knowledge of safe work practices, including safety    precautions for operating power equipment, working in traffic    and under hazardous conditions.
  • Sound ability to operate the specialized tools and equipment    used in performing work in the area of assignment.
  • Solid ability to perform heavy manual labor under adverse    working conditions.
  • Exceptional ability to perform work involving prolonged periods    of standing, stooping, reaching, crawling and climbing.
  • Immense ability to understand and carry out oral and written    directions in order to accomplish assigned tasks in a timely    manner.
  • Remarkable ability to plan and set up work and delegate tasks    to others.
  • Uncommon ability to communicate with the public and co-   workers in a tactful and effective manner.
  • Great ability to understand and follow specific instructions and    procedures.
  • In-depth ability to read, understand, follow, and enforce    safety procedures.
  • Enviable ability to work as a team member and foster a    cooperative work environment.
  • Profound ability to lead and train staff and students.
  • Deep ability to maintain effective supervisory relationships.
  • Uncommon ability to safely use hand and power tools    applicable to the trade.
  • Demonstrated ability to lift and manipulate objects weighing    up to 100 pounds regularly.

    Professional Experience

    New York Department of Civil Service, NY
    2002 - Present

    Construction Laborer
    • Tend pumps, compressors, and generators to provide power for tools, machinery, and equipment or to heat and move materials such as asphalt.
    • Lubricate, clean, and repair machinery, equipment, and tools.
    • Mix ingredients to create compounds, used to cover or clean surfaces.
    • Load and unload trucks and hauls and hoists materials.
    • Erect and disassemble scaffolding, shoring, braces, and other temporary structures.
    • Build and position forms for pouring concrete and dismantles forms after use, using saws, hammers, nails, or bolts.
    • Measure, mark, and record openings and distances to lay out area to be graded or to erect building structures.
    • Smooth and finish freshly poured cement or concrete, using float, trowel, screed, or powered cement finishing tool.
    • Apply caulking compounds by hand or with caulking gun to seal crevices.
    • Position, join, align, and seal structural components, such as concrete wall sections and pipes.
    • Dig ditches and level earth to grade specifications, using pick and shovel.
    • Signal equipment operators to facilitate alignment, movement, and adjustment of machinery, equipment, and materials.
    • Grind, scrape, sand, or polish surfaces, such as concrete, marble, terrazzo, or wood flooring, using abrasive tools or machines.
    • Mix concrete, using portable mixer.
    • Raze buildings and salvage useful materials.
    • Spray materials such as water, sand, steam, vinyl, paint, or stucco through hose to clean, coat, or seal surfaces.
    • Tend machine that pumps concrete, grout, cement, sand, plaster or stucco through spray-gun for application to ceilings and walls.
    • Mop, brush, or spread paints, cleaning solutions or other compounds over surfaces to clean or provide protection.
    • Clean construction site to eliminate possible hazards.

    City of New York Department of Civil Service, NY
    2000 - 2002

    Construction Laborer Trainee (under the supervision of experienced Construction Laborer)
    • Performed physical labor for heavy equipment operation including excavation, trenching, shoveling, and dump truck driving.
    • Operated necessary equipment.
    • Assisted in the repair of concrete and asphalt.
    • Performed physical labor for masonry projects including: mixing mortars and cements, operating a jackhammer and grinder, lifting and moving materials to and from various job sites.
    • Performed daily lubricating, cleaning and repairing of machinery, equipment and tools used in construction labor.
    • Assisted with construction projects and performed general duties including: running parts, demolition, paint preparation, wire pulling, pipe installation, installation of various construction materials, and work site cleaning.
    • Assisted in snow removal duties by removing snow from sidewalks, steps, roadways and parking lots utilizing hand tools and heavy equipment, dump truck and sand truck.
    • Assisted journeymen with labor-related duties.
    • Provided leadership and project supervision on various work assignments.


    High School Diploma (2000)

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