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123 Main Street Atlanta, Georgia 30339
Home: (555) 555-1234, Cell: (555) 555-1235

Seek the Challenging Position of Automotive Body Repairer

A highly talented Automotive Body Repairer with huge experience in straightening bent bodies, removing dents, and replacing crumpled parts that cannot be fixed; remarkable knowledge and experience in repairing all types of vehicles, including large trucks, buses, tractor-trailers, cars and small trucks according to repair manuals, using hand tools and power tools.

Summary of Qualifications

  • More than eight years experience.
  • Strong knowledge of the standard practices, processes,    materials, tools, and equipment used in repairing and    refinishing automotive bodies.
  • Sound knowledge of the occupational hazards and safety    precautions of the trade.
  • Profound knowledge of the overall construction of motor    vehicles.
  • Deep ability to use necessary hand tools and shop machines.
  • Uncommon ability to use and maintain paint spraying    equipment.
  • Remarkable ability to use welding equipment.
  • Immense ability to fit and install glass.
  • Excellent ability to communicate effectively.
  • Solid ability to provide training and explain instructions and    guidelines to others effectively.
  • Sound ability to organize and coordinate the work of a unit.
  • In-depth ability to determine priorities and make work    assignments.
  • Strong knowledge of machinery, tools, fabrics and supplies for    constructing, sewing, upholstering and repairing auto and    school bus seats.
  • Deep knowledge of minor electrical circuitry.
  • Uncommon ability to do or quickly learn measuring, cutting,    removing and setting of automotive window glass.
  • Remarkable ability to perform minor electrical circuitry work    and to estimate material costs.
  • Profound ability to establish and maintain effective working    relationships with others.
  • Excellent ability to plan and organize work to meet schedules    and time lines.
  • In-depth ability to maintain accurate inventory and work    activity records.
  • Strong ability to work independently with little or no direction.

    Professional Experience

    Auto Care Inc., Tarrytown, NY                       2003 - Present

    Automotive Body Repairer
    • Examine damaged vehicles and prepare cost estimates on damages and repairs.
    • Requisition supplies and parts; maintain records related to the work.
    • Replace, repair, and bump out damaged bodies and parts of automotive vehicles.
    • Align bodies, doors, and frames.
    • Fill dents with body plastic.
    • Prepare and paint auto bodies.
    • Fit and install glass in windshields, doors, and windows.
    • Repair and/or install body upholstery accessories and equipment.
    • Check for and repair water and dust leaks.
    • Weld and braze auto bodies.
    • Assist in training lower-level workers in auto body repair techniques.
    • Perform related work as assigned.
    • Assist in preparing cost and material estimates.
    • Keep records and prepare reports of work and time involved.
    • Make certain that equipment is properly serviced; keep records; and make reports on the condition of tools, equipment and supplies.
    • Requisition tools, equipment, and repair materials used in the work.

    Auto Care Inc., Tarrytown, NY                          1997 - 2003

    Automotive Body Repairer Apprentice
    • Prepared surfaces to be painted, removing old paint by use of electric or air sanders, and applying auto body filler where needed.
    • Removed dents from the body and fenders.
    • Aligned doors, hoods, and windows for proper fit.
    • Mixed and matched all types of body paint.
    • Primed and painted equipment using a spray gun.
    • Ground and installed glass in equipment.
    • Selected fabrics and supplies for upholstery and repair of auto and school bus seats.
    • Repaired damaged seat covers and prepared seat cover patterns for sewing and reupholstering seats.
    • Removed graffiti from vehicles.
    • Performed minor metal body repair work and fill, sand, prepare and spray-paint vehicles.
    • Removed and replaced electrical wiring associated with auto body repair; cleaned and waxed vehicles and performed detailing and stenciling as necessary.
    • Checked and replaced school bus safety equipment.
    • Used hand and power tools such as welding and spray-painting equipment, upholstery steamers, heavy-duty sewing machine and serger, portable hydraulic ram, frame straightening jack and other tools and equipment.
    • Made cost estimates of work projects.
    • Maintained repair and work activity records.
    • Changed and repaired tires and vulcanize tubes.
    • Drove a truck.
    • Performed related duties as assigned

    Education and Professional Training

    High School Diploma (1997)

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