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Seek the Challenging Position of Aircraft Mechanic

A highly talented Aircraft Mechanic with huge experience in inspecting, testing, repairing, maintaining, and servicing aircraft in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations and FAA regulations.

Summary of Qualifications
  • More than eight years experience.
  • Strong ability repairing machines and systems using the    needed tools.
  • Profound ability determining the kind of tools and equipment    needed to do a job.
  • Deep knowledge of the mechanics and operation of internal    combustion and/or turbine aircraft engines.
  • Uncommon knowledge of the tasks involved in the repair and    maintenance of airframes and engines.
  • Strong knowledge of airframe and engine inspection    procedures and methods.
  • Extensive knowledge of metal fabricating machines, and    metals or fabrics used in aircraft maintenance and repair    operations.
  • Remarkable knowledge of the adjustment and repair of variable    pitch propellers.
  • Uncommon ability to use mathematics to solve problems.
  • Remarkable ability installing equipment, machines, wiring, or    programs to meet specifications.
  • Deep ability controlling operations of equipment or systems.
  • Strong ability to understand written sentences and paragraphs    in work related documents.
  • Remarkable ability watching gauges, dials, or other indicators    to make sure a machine is working properly.
  • Uncommon knowledge of machines and tools, including their    designs, uses, repair, and maintenance.
  • Deep knowledge of practical application of engineering science    and technology. This includes applying principles, techniques,    procedures, and equipment to the design and production of    various goods and services.
  • Strong knowledge of the adjustment and repair of variable    pitch propellers.
  • Profound ability to use micrometers, rivet guns, power and    hand drills, dial indicators, lathes, grinders, pressure gauges,    ohmmeters, torque wrenches, timing lights, sheet metal    shears, spray guns, and other items.

    Professional Experience
    FlyHigh Airline Inc., Tarrytown, NY            2003 - Present

    Aircraft Mechanic
    • Service, maintain, and repair single and multi-engine aircraft engines and airframes on fixed-wing and/or rotary wing aircraft.
    • Repair, replace, and assemble parts, such as wings, fuselage, tail assembly, landing gear, control cables, and propeller assembly, using tools, such as power shears, sheet metal breaker, arc and acetylene welding equipment, rivet gun, and air or electric drills to rebuild or replace airframe or its components.
    • Consult manufacturers' manuals and airline's maintenance manual for specifications and to determine feasibility of repair or replacement according to malfunction.
    • Examine engines for cracked cylinders and oil leaks, and listen to detect sounds of malfunctioning, such as sticking or burnt valves.
    • Inspect turbine blades to detect cracks or breaks.
    • Test engine operation, using testing equipment, such as ignition analyzer compression checks, distributor timer, and ohmmeter, to locate source of malfunction.
    • Replace or repair worn or damaged components, such as carburetors, superchargers, and magnetos, using hand tools, gauges and testing equipment.
    • Adjust and repair electrical wiring system and aircraft accessories and instruments.
    • Inspect, service, and repair pneumatic and hydraulic systems.
    • Perform miscellaneous duties and service aircraft, including flushing crankcase, cleaning screens, greasing moving parts, and checking brakes.
    • Assist in training less skilled Aircraft Mechanics in the repair and maintenance of airframes and engines.
    • Repair metal or fabric airframes.
    • Start and operate engines to detect malfunctions; make adjustments while engine is running.
    • Repair and fabricate sheet metal parts for airframes.
    • Patch fabric-covered parts of airframes.
    • Spray paints metal or fabric-covered sections of aircraft.
    • Enter notations in aircraft engine and airframe logbooks.
    • Maintain tools and other repair equipment.
    • Perform related work as assigned.

    FlyHigh Airline Inc., Tarrytown, NY                 1997 - 2003

    Aircraft Maintenance Mechanic Helper
    • Aided in the maintenance, overhaul, repair, and construction of aircraft and aircraft power plants.
    • Aided in the repair and installation of aircraft instruments.
    • Aided in servicing aircraft.
    • Aided in inspection and cleaning of aircraft.
    • Performed other related duties as assigned.

    Education and Professional Training

    A & P Licensed

    High School Diploma (1997)

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