Sample Criminal Investigator Cover Letter

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A criminal investigator cover letter includes pertinent information a hiring manager would look for-investigating alleged or suspected criminal violations of Federal, state, or local laws to determine if there is sufficient to warrant prosecution. All criminal investigator cover letters are most effective when the applicant specifies his or her abilities in detail and shows that he or she knows what is necessary to land the job.

Ben Hostetler
56 Olney Lane
Wilsonville, USA 68979

May 9, 2006

Mr. Raymond Barton,
Hiring Manager
E.C. Broadman Criminal Investigators
23 Miles Street
Wilsonville, USA 68979

Dear Mr. Barton:

I am interested in pursuing the position of criminal investigator, which you posted, on I have ten yeas of experience conducting investigations of alleged or suspected criminal violations at the Federal, state, or local levels while working for the City of Watsonville.

I'm interested in this work, have an aptitude for it, and am ready to accept a position on a team of criminal investigators. I hope you will select me as one of those you hire.

Can we meet for a short time some day next week at your convenience? Please call me at 897-673-5645 to set up an appointment that works for you. I really appreciate your taking a moment to consider my cover letter and reviewing my resume.


Ben Hostetler

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