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August 6, 2006

In todayís hectic world, couples are trying to figure out how to escape the rat race and get back to each other. How do they do that, since working is a necessary evil? They look for jobs where they can work together! But, sometimes this is easier said than done. Where do you find jobs for two people?

Thanks to, this is a fairly easy task. One visit to this web site and a couple will find a huge amount of jobs to choose from. They will find jobs as caretakers, house sitters, innkeepers, motel managers, house parents, self-storage facility managers, apartment complex managers, teaching couples positions, workampers, campground manager positions, and more. Some of these employers are seeking long term commitments, while others (house sitting, for instance) are generally short-term in nature. Most positions provide housing as well.

Some positions are suited for entire families. There are jobs on farms and ranches that allow the entire family to get involved. Sometimes you can even bring along the family pet (just ask your prospective employer about these types of rules). If you are a couple that is able to work closely with others, you might be interested in domestic couples jobs. Normally one partner will take care of household duties (such as cooking, cleaning, laundry), while the other will do maintenance, lawn work, handle vehicle issues, etc.

If you are interested in a life on the road and have dreamed of getting away in an RV, go for the workamper life. These jobs are plentiful, and if you desire you can get paid for seeing the country! Sometimes there is a salary, sometimes not. It depends on the amount of time the employer needs you. You can always count on an RV site, normally with full hook-ups.

One area that sometimes doesnít get a good look are the house parent jobs, sometimes referred to family-teaching jobs. If you havenít looked into this rewarding line of work, we suggest that you do. Not only do you get to work with your spouse, but you will be challenged and rewarded by the positive changes in the lives of the children whom you live with.

As you can see, there is no shortage of opportunities if you know where to look. is a subscription based service. For less than two dollars per month, you will be given a front row seat to thousands of couples jobs per year. You can browse for jobs by state in order to make sure the type of jobs you seek are going to be available. Once you become a subscriber, you will be given instant access to the contact information for hundreds of current positions. You will also get a weekly (and sometimes more often) email newsletter with the newest job postings even before they are posted on the website.

If you really want to make a change and spend quality time with your spouse or significant other, take a look at There you will find the biggest single source of jobs for couples anywhere. Oh and by the way, many of the jobs are suitable for friends too. So go ahead, take a look. Quality time is right around the corner.


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