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Extending Invitations to Events

Guidelines and Alternate Phrases

Extend the invitation, giving the date, time, and place and mentioning other attendees.

We hope you can join E. Patrick Smith and a number of Austin’s business leaders for a networking breakfast at 7:00 a.m., June 6. We want to exchange views on the new economic turns in the oil-and-gas industry.

We want to extend a most cordial invitation to you and your spouse to meet with our board of directors on November 15, at 9:00 a.m., at the Anatole.

Will you join us and your other area insurance agents for an informal cocktail hour and dinner on July 7?

Will you please be my guest for lunch at noon on Monday, May 5, at the Frazier Club at 12556 Madison Avenue? I’ve also invited….

We are reserving a seat for you at our upcoming dinner, May 15, 7:00 p.m., at the Radison Square.

We are pleased to invite you to join us….

May we take this opportunity to invite you to….

We ask you be our guest on May 5 for a luncheon honoring….

Tell why the event is taking place: to introduce some person, product, or service; to honor someone on a specific occasion; to celebrate a special anniversary date; to provide network opportunities.

The principal purpose of this reception is to introduce the services we now offer.

It will be an informal cocktail buffet honoring our city officials and a special group of supporters of the Houston Symphony.

This informal get-together will give you an opportunity to hear Bob Maxwell’s comments on the legislative climate for issues such as the domestic program, the federal budget, and welfare reform. These are all matters he is eminently qualified to discuss and in which he will be very active in his congressional activities.

Please be assured there is no fund-raising hidden in the agenda for this meeting. The purpose is simply to express appreciation to the business leaders who have supported us this year.

Mention whether a gift is expected at anniversaries, retirement dinners, or farewell galas.

State the appropriate dress if that isn’t apparent by the rest of the invitation.

Please note this is a black-tie event.

Please dress comfortably; our speaker will be asking us to participate in stress-reducing exercises that may require moving around a bit.

This is a very informal get-together. No gifts are expected.

State whether you want to extend the invitation to a colleague or spouse if the reader is unable to attend.

Because we hope you personally will attend, we ask you not send a representative.

We are hoping you yourself can attend, but if you are unable to do so, feel free to send another associate whom you think will be able to bring back ideas to your company.

Spouses or guests are cordially invited.

If you are unable to accept, an alternate officer will be most welcome.

Mention any fee for the event.

If you can accept, the $20 fee is due by August 4.

Of course, there is no charge for this event.

Parking in the Skybird Plaza across the street will be complimentary for the evening.

We welcome you to be our guest for the evening.

Ask for a response by a certain date.

We look forward to hearing from you by May 5 if you can attend.

We are eager to add your name to our guest list. Will you let us know by May 5 if you can attend?

Please let us hear from you by May 5. We hope you can attend.

Be as formal or informal as your relationship to the reader dictates.

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