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Policy Statements

Guidelines and Alternate Phrases

Give a general overview of the policy or benefit up front. Focus on key benefits to employees in the policy and the positive reason for changes.

This policy should help us assist you in….

This change has become necessary for increased accuracy in reporting your travel expenses….

We are pleased to tell you that you can directly access information about your retirement benefits. Arrangements have been made with….

Give clear instructions for following the policy. Include effective dates.

Don’t state the policy in a negative format and tone. As much as possible, make policy sound like guidelines and benefits rather than restrictions and penalties.

Sprinkle lengthy policy statements with informative headings and use lists where possible. Rarely will employees need to read the entire statement; they should be able to pinpoint immediately eligibility requirements, benefits, or limitations.

In a memo, use the subject line to distinguish between a new or revised policy and an already established one. Without such a subject-line clue, the reader often skips reading the memo, thinking he is already informed about the stated policy.

Point out any major changes in existing policy.

This is a marked departure from previously existing policy in that….

Notice this policy differs in….

Primarily, there are two changes to be aware of:….

Keep the tone instructive rather than restrictive.

If I can help in implementing the system or explaining the reasons behind these changes, let me know.

Provide a way for employees to have their questions answered and their concerns addressed—a hotline, a brochure, a forum meeting, and/or a contact name and number.

For your convenience, we have set up a hotline to give you immediate help in preparing the necessary paperwork.

You are invited to an open forum discussion on the issues I’m sure this change will generate.

Please feel free to call our corporate headquarters with questions (ext. 3345, ask for Barbara Neitmet).

We welcome your questions—your complete understanding is essential to the smooth implementation of this new policy.

If you have concerns or otherwise feel your needs have not been addressed in the enclosed packet of information, please call us. We can arrange to have someone visit your location and conduct short, informal sessions to explain the policy.

Motivate readers to even greater success by expressing appreciation for their cooperation with these policies and their contributions to the organization.

Thank you for your efforts in making this a successful year for Baxton, Inc.

Without your efforts, we could have never realized the profit we’ve seen during the last six months.

I want to express my appreciation to each of you for your efforts on behalf of the company and our department.

Let’s keep those profits growing.

Thank you for your loyalty and extra efforts.

You have gone above the call of duty, and I thank you.

We think you’ll agree these policies benefit the company as a whole.

We know you’ll agree it is in your best interest to make these changes.

When the company benefits, eventually we all reap the rewards in bonuses, raises, promotions, and additional jobs. Thank you for expending this extra effort to increase our bottom line.

Thank you for your usual excellent consideration.

We appreciate your patience in this time of transition.

As always, your cooperation is essential in handling these details. Thank you.

Thank you for helping us help you.

We value your support in this temporary change of plans.

We hope this explanation will address most of your concerns.

We hope this communication will clarify any questions the new policy raises.

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