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Anniversary Date of Employee’s Service to the Company

Guidelines and Alternate Phrases

Commend the employee on the occasion.

Thank you, Harvey, for the past 10 years of your life. From what I’ve observed, you’ve probably been as committed to us here at Universal as you have to your own personal goals.

For the past 20 years, we’ve profited from your expertise; the time’s past due for us to say a big, special thank you.

You have a special occasion on the horizon. As of July 6, you will have been part of the Universal family for 10 years—a productive part, I’ll be quick to add.

My, how time flies when you’re having fun. You may not have noticed, but we at Helco have had much pleasure working with you for the last 20 years.

You’ve been a real asset to our company since you joined us 10 years ago. In those 10 years, you’ve contributed skill, time, ideas, energy, and loyalty. We’ve noticed and appreciated all these contributions on our behalf.

Mention what you plan to do, if anything, to commemorate the occasion such as a luncheon, reception, or gift.

We’re planning a departmental reception in your honor on May 2 at 4:00. Would you please invite your family and any special friends to join us all in Conference Room C, where we plan to put our sentiments into words?

Shortly, you will be receiving a plaque commemorating the 25 years of loyal service you’ve given to Universal. Display it or put it away with your keepsakes—either way, please accept it as a small gift that represents a big thank-you for your skill and dedication to the company.

The enclosed tickets are our way of expressing a heartfelt thank-you for the kind of time and commitment to excellence that can’t be bought with a paycheck. You’re the kind of employee who gives 100 percent to whatever the project at hand; we want to be the kind of employer that shows gratitude for your contribution. Enjoy your trip and the time off.

Jill, how about joining us for lunch on Friday, May 6, at 12 noon? Oh, one more thing—you’re the guest of honor! Congratulations on your 20-year anniversary with the company.

What do you do when you have an employee who is productive, talented, creative, loyal, and an all-around nice guy? Well, in lieu of a 90-day trip around the world, we offer our heartfelt thanks for the privilege of working with you the last 20 years.

Make the letter personal by mentioning specific contributions to the company or department, accomplishments and awards, or even personal attributes or attitudes exhibited during the employee’s tenure. Many writers think vague, global commendations sound better than specific ones. Not so. The more specific, the more sincere the commendation sounds.

Your knowledge of the financial world and investment opportunities has contributed most directly to our profitability during the past five years.

On several occasions your supervisor has commented he wished he had a dozen employees just like you—conscientious, dedicated, punctual, skilled. You’re the kind of employee who keeps us in business year after year. We try not to forget that.

Your ability to identify the root cause and your determination to follow a problem through to resolution are exactly what we’ve needed around here. That insight and conscientiousness provide the framework for everything we do.

We really appreciate the long hours, the persistence, the attention to detail, and your usual cooperative attitude about anything we’ve assigned you in these past years. You’ve shown commitment to whatever the goal set in front of you.

Your cheerful smile, your focused attention, and your uncanny way in dealing with difficult customers have contributed most directly to all our efforts in the department.

Despite what the diplomas from your two universities said about your abilities, we put you to our own tests around here. We’re happy to report our efforts have verified what both universities said long ago—you’re a brilliant and talented engineer. We thank you for proving that to us over and over again.

Kevin, we can’t mention your name around the department without the Headstrum project coming to mind. In all the years you’ve worked so diligently around here, that specific contribution has been the cornerstone of our new customer base. We value that contribution as one of the most noteworthy of our company’s history.

I sincerely appreciate the long hours, the furrowed brow over projects gone awry, the creativity in problem-solving, and the can-do attitude you have displayed through the ups and downs of these 20 years.

We have especially appreciated your willingness to work on any client project that came along. In fact, I can’t think of a single project you refused—and all have been handled with such class!

I want to thank you especially for your dedication to the needs of our customers. We’ve noted so many occasions when you’ve stayed after hours to handle a crisis, when you’ve called in from vacation to answer customers’ requests, and when you’ve even driven across the city in a severe thunderstorm to handle an on-site problem.

Your telephone skills have created just the impression we have wanted to convey to our clients. In fact, your telephone conversations have often had better response than some of our on-site sales calls! We thank you sincerely.

Look forward to their future. Imply you are expecting many more years together in the organization. What kind of achievements or accomplishments do you expect on their behalf?

If the past is any indication of the future, we know your contributions will lead us to many more profitable, enjoyable years in the computer industry.

Please keep that same congenial spirit as we move into the next decade together.

Our thoughts are with you today; employees like you keep us in business.

Best wishes for 20 more good ones!

We are looking forward to having you with us for years to come.

We will continue to count on seeing your smiling face every morning.

Best wishes for many more years in the job you enjoy and we appreciate.

Let us know how we can help you continue to do the fine job you’re performing for this company.

Thank you for such dedication and loyalty. We will be depending on you as we move into the next decade.

Your work will continue to be of even more value to us as we make plans to increase market share.

We are thinking of you especially today and focusing on your excellent work—what we’ve come to expect from you and will be counting on for many years to come.

We value your work; you’re the kind of employee we aim to please.

We hope you’ll be with us for many years to come; we have much to gain from your expertise and dedication.

Our future looks bright with you in it. Thank you for your commitment.

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