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Thank You for Service to Community

Guidelines and Alternate Phrases

Thank the reader for the service to the community.

Thank you for sharing your time and your expertise with us on the recent Fullerton project.

You have rendered an invaluable service to the community with your involvement on the Fullerton project.

Our community has profited greatly from your energy and inspiration surrounding the Fullerton project.

Your time, money, and emotional energy have been well spent on the Fullerton project.

Be as specific as possible about the individual’s contribution. Mention details of the work, the hours spent, the positive result, or any personal expense involved. Avoid being so general as to make this sound like a form letter sent to all participants on a project.

Include your hope that the effort has brought the reader personal benefit and satisfaction.

I hope you immediately realize the community’s goodwill for your efforts.

Although I’m sure it was not your motivation in the least, we do hope that you experience an immediate increase in your own professional practice because of your generosity on this project.

We hope you’ve gained personal satisfaction in watching the enthusiasm of our young people who are recipients of your efforts.

In some small way, we hope you’ll know the lasting benefit you’ve achieved for the community.

We hope the result brings you great satisfaction throughout the years.

We trust the overwhelming response your leadership generated will bring you great personal joy.

As you see the many ways your service has benefited needy families, we hope you’ll remember your efforts with great satisfaction and pride.

We hope you share great pride with the community for your efforts on this protect.

The goodwill your efforts have generated is certain to be felt by you and your staff and family in the months to come.

We hope in some small way, you yourself have found satisfaction in serving in this campaign.

We know you, too, are proud of the contribution on behalf of your family and your fellow employees.

We hope you, too, will reap the benefits of your efforts on behalf of the city. Acts of graciousness and generosity such as yours often have a way of returning to the benefactor.

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