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Holiday Greetings

Guidelines and Alternate Phrases

Be brief.

Focus on the employees as individuals. You may do this by mentioning specific team accomplishments and solutions to problems in the past year. Or you may mention inside-the-company anecdotes, recall your pleasant work together, or say you are looking forward to new projects in the coming year.

This year has enriched our friendships and expanded our organizational horizons.

This year has been an exceptional one. Together we’ve conquered projects, overtaken deadlines, and charted success after success.

As the year comes to a close, I want to commend you on all you’ve accomplished during the past months—the Lamb project, the European expansion, the “derby.”

Before we usher in the new year, I want to express my appreciation for what you’ve accomplished in the current one. My hat’s off to you.

Are holidays a time for “thank-you’s”? They are, if you have a staff as productive and successful as you’ve been this past year.

You’ve accomplished great things this year—it’s certainly time for a celebration even if Christmas hadn’t been so appropriately placed on the calendar.

The red circle around December 25 marks a special day for families—at home and at work. As a work family, you’ve been caring, supportive, and resourceful this past year.

Give details about any plans to get together for a celebration as a group.

I’m looking forward to our dinner at the Hyatt on December 10. Each employee is welcome to bring a spouse or friend.

We will close the office at 4:00 p.m. on the 23rd so we can exchange greetings personally. Please join us in the Burgundy Center at that time for light refreshments.

Let’s get a jump on the season and celebrate early at the Westin, Friday, December 20. Please join us.

Can you join us to share warm wishes on Wednesday, December 18, in the east lobby?

We invite you to join us at 3:00 p.m. on December 22 in the lobby to share sentiments of the season.

Mention modestly any gift you’re sending along.

Please accept these money-saving coupons as a small gift of appreciation for your business.

We hope the enclosed Waypole Journal gives you a sense of the industry feelings about the political and economic climate. Let us know if 11 more issues don’t find their way to your door.

The basket that will be arriving contains lively “spirits”—the spirit of holiday happiness and good health. Drink up.

Do you think you can find a use for one more desk calendar? This one is special because it marks the anniversary of our first year’s service to you.

I’m mailing separately a calendar I think will bring a laugh or two.

I hope you can use another one of those fruit baskets, ubiquitous around the Christmas season. However, mine will be special because it comes with much heartfelt appreciation for the help you’ve given me this past year.

Express warm wishes for the season. Avoid making the note sound like a “duty.” Be warm, creative, and sincere.

Have a happy holiday.


The very best to each of you for the coming year.

One of the best parts of ushering in the new year is remembering the good times of the past year. Thank you for the productive, fun-filled, collaborative projects.

I wish you a safe, happy holiday.

Best wishes for the happiest of holidays.

May this holiday be everything you wish for your family and friends.

Have a blessed holiday.

You deserve the best during this holiday season.

May the joy of the season make your holiday especially nice.

Enjoy every minute with your family and friends. I wish you a wonderful holiday season.

May your Christmas be a special time of joy and love.

We want to extend the season’s best to those whose friendship and goodwill we so deeply appreciate.

We wish for you and your family a joyous season.

Our best for the holiday season and the new year to come. May it bring you health, happiness, and success along the way.

Enjoy your holiday rest and relaxation with family members—they are the reason for our year-long work.

We hope the season is everything you want it to be.

Give our best to your family and your staff.

May you have a relaxing and warm celebration with your families and return to us ready to greet the new year with gusto.

Enjoy yourselves with family and friends.

Enjoy every minute of rest, relaxation, and family hugs.

Trim the tree, eat those cookies, and wrap those packages, all with one thing in mind: You’ve worked hard and you deserve to enjoy the season with family and friends.

May God bless you in this special holiday season, and keep you through the new year.

We wish for you a bright, five-pointed star: sales, service, safety, satisfaction, and success.

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