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Condolences to Business Associate upon Death of a Loved One

Guidelines and Alternate Phrases

Express your regret over the death but avoid going into the details of the illness or tragedy, its consequences, or how you heard of the incident.

The news of Veraís death came to me early yesterday morning. I was overwhelmed with sadness.

We regret so much the news about your wifeís illness and death.

Our entire staff has asked me to express to you our sincerest sympathies in the death of your husband.

Our thoughts are with you during these days of sadness. We were so sorry to hear of your grandsonís accident.

We would like to extend our deepest sympathy in the loss of your mother.

I canít say how shocked and saddened I was to hear of your husbandís illness and sudden death. Please know my thoughts are with you during this time.

I wanted to drop you a note to let you know I share your grief in Ronís death. I will miss him so much.

Although Mildredís illness was a lengthy one and her death not unexpected, that does not lessen the grief we all feel at her passing away.

Please accept my deepest sympathy in the death of your mother, of whom you spoke so affectionately and so often.

Frank, my prayers are with you in this tragedy. Although words are of little comfort at a time like this, please know we are thinking of you daily.

My thoughts have been with you almost continually since I heard the news of your wifeís death. I am so sorry.

Marge, I canít begin to tell you how sorry we are to hear about Paul. We will miss him so much.

Margaretís death overwhelms me; I just canít seem to comprehend the loss.

We heard of the plane crash last Monday but didnít learn Tom was a passenger until late last night. We are so sorry.

I was so sorry to hear about your husbandís death. You must be devastated by the news, and we want you to know we are thinking of you in this difficult time.

Please know our thoughts have been with you ever since the word came about your son and his family.

Honor the loved one by offering some specific praise. When youíre unacquainted with the deceased, you may simply pass on complimentary remarks from others (even the recipient of the letter). Such comments help the reader to praise the loved one and to work through his own grief.

Fredaís pleasant attitude was contagious to us all.

Silvanís talent was exceeded by very few professionals in the industry.

His leadership and direction for the department went unquestioned. We had that much respect for his judgment.

We wish we had other employees like her, those who give their best every single day and donít care who gets the credit for the results.

I never heard her complain about anybodyís work or attitude while here. That in itself is remarkable.

Although a quiet person, he was always listening for opportunities to support our ideas when the occasion arose.

Although Ellen was never a ďlife of the partyĒ person, her thoughtfulness ran deep. When she did offer her opinion, her ideas were always well grounded and sensible. We depended on her a great deal.

She was thorough, capable, and courageous.

To the very end, we never heard her offer a comment that indicated she felt sorry for herself and her circumstances. She loved her family and every minute of her life with you.

She spoke so frequently around the office of you and her children. You three were the light of her life. That must give you some comfort that she felt loved and loved you in return.

Although we had not had the opportunity to meet your daughter, weíve heard you say the relationship was a close one. You can be grateful for that love between you and those memories.

Iíve heard you comment often about how supportive Mac was when you had to travel so much with your job. He must have been the kind of understanding husband most women hope to have.

She was always so pleasant and helpful to me the times I found it necessary to phone your home after hours.

The photographs you have on your desk reveal what a beautiful young woman she was. I know she understood how proud you always were of her achievements throughout her schooling and beyond.

Although I didnít have the privilege of knowing her personally, those in the office who did work with her have frequently commented on her delightful sense of humor.

Though somehow our paths never seemed to cross through the years, I heard of her achievement from numerous sources.

From all those who have mentioned the shocking news around our office this week, I gather their admiration for Frank ran deep.

Even though I didnít know your father personally, I donít have to go far to hear others speak of him so fondly. Evidently, so many, many people valued their association with him through the years.

Offer any help you or the organization can provide, but be specific. General offers (ďif thereís anything I can do to helpĒ) sound insincere.

If we can help with any hotel arrangements for out-of-town relatives traveling to the memorial service, let us know.

If I can provide assistance through our legal department, please call on me.

Iím sure the estate details are complex and varied. If you need assistance, we have an expert on staff who can possibly offer you advice when the time comes to make further decisions.

If we can provide temporary assistance for the childrenís care while you must be out of town, both Joan Black and I are free for the weekend. Iíll phone you later in the week to see what you decide.

If you feel the need to get away for a quiet rest during the coming months, please phone me; we have a house on Lake Livingston weíd be glad for you to use.

If youíd like me to notify specific clients and colleagues that youíll be away from the office for a while, Iíd be more than happy to help in that small way.

Let me know if there is any major project on your desk that canít wait for your return, and Iíll be happy to cover for you. My home number is 234-5678.

Mention any memorial you are making on behalf of the deceased such as flowers, a book, or monetary donations.

The flowers represent the beautiful memories Carol left behind.

We are sending flowers as an expression of our esteem for Ralph.

Geneís portrait will be hung in our executive meeting room as a constant reminder of his leadership in our organization.

Our check to the museum that Sherry so diligently worked to support should arrive shortly.

In honor of Kevin, we are forwarding a check to the American Cancer Society.

The flowers you have received are a small expression of the great loss we feel.

Please accept our small donation to the art fund as our way of saying thank you for the community pride Bill exemplified with his life.

We have made a donation to the American Cancer Society in Billís name. In some small way, we want to add to his influence in the world.

Weíve donated two copies of Peter Druckerís latest book to our library in memory of Joan. Everyone interested in the leadership skills and management philosophies Joan exemplified will see her name on the bookís inside cover.

The flowers that will be arriving shortly are a small symbol of my great esteem for Jerome.

Handwrite your letter on personal stationery to add a warmer touch.

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